Goals and Missions


According to the fact that the team has 17'000 local shareholders from cities such as Ferdows-Sarayan-Bushrouyeh and surrounding villages, in order to create value added for the capitals of the shareholders and to create jobs for unemployed youth living in the east which is considered one of the least developed regions, Ferdows Textile Mills were built.

One of the team's main goal, which is a people orientated group and the majority of its shareholders are local residents, is to develop the industry and to boom the business in order to create jobs and increase economic power and to reduce the social problems of the region by the development of the downstream and dependent industries.

In the current situation, despite the difficulties of sanctions that industries have incurred, Textile industry has had a special flourishing and there is not much pressure to this long-lasting industry. Supplying raw materials had been and still is the manager’s main concern. Despite the many obstacles', there is still hope that with the help of the local residents and youth's collaboration and the cooperation of welfare organization of Ferdows city who are deprived from the gift of hearing and speech and people's blessing, so we could take the steps to production and development with authority and we want from the upper authorities, regional and the country to pay more attention.