One of the most important criteria and indicators of developments and progress in society is using the knowledge, equipment and new technologies in the field of industry.

Since the responsibility of creating ideal conditions in the workplace, especially safety and health of all those who are working in this team, is one of the priorities of the managing director’s work, therefore I emphasize that this culture of “work with quality and safety and a compatible environment” by using new technology by means of gaining the satisfaction of employees, customers and visitors. This company for being updated with the latest activity with keeping credibility created the website named www.ferdowstextile.comin the virtual space. We overcome the giving service to the market by establishing an efficient management system in the fields of production, safety, fire, health and environmental protection. As we all expect goods to be in a perfect condition when purchasing it, so we should try our best to produce perfect goods in order to gain the customer's satisfaction. The following points should always be in mind for achieving the goal:


  • Increasing the accuracy, speed, control and discipline in doing occupational activities.
  • Increasing the skills and abilities for proper use of machines and tools that is related to the job.
  • The practical application of knowledge and experiences in doing occupational activities with considering the standards.
  • Reducing errors and rework in occupational activities and chronic references for resolving the problems.
  • Production improvement by avoiding accidents and prevention of wastes.
  • Identifying and recognizing health, safety and environmental risks by preventive measures.
  • Trying to improve the level of knowledge, skills and abilities of human resources and personal communications.
  • Protecting facilities and environments and preventing pollution in the workplace.
  • Paying attention to statistical methods, especially being aware of the input and output of raw materials and final products.
  • Taking care of your behavior when dealing with people, properties, raw materials and machineries that are all deposits which entrusts us.


In conclusion, I pray to God success for all people and I also hope to protect the valuable achievements we have gained so far. We shall be diligent in achieving the goals of this company with full enthusiasm and intimacy.


Thanks for the collaboration and help.

Ahad Kermani

Managing Director